EP: Larry Lovestein (Mac Miller) & The Velvet Revival – You


So apparently Mac Miller is now making Jazz? This surprise release by the usual rapper sees him on vocals & keyboards, with The Velvet Revival providing the remaining instrumentation. So if you are after something a little different sit back, relax & have a listen to Larry Lovestein trying his hand at jazz. Enjoy.

Download: Larry Lovestein (Mac Miller) & The Velvet Revival – You

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Dylan Hill – Linger


I spent most of this last week scouring the web for some new music, one of the artists that I came across was an artist from Victoria, Australia. Dylan Hill is his name & he uploaded a new song today that is simply beautiful. This joins his other 3 songs up on soundcloud, all of which are absolutely amazing & you need to give them a listen. I have decided to put all 4 tracks up on this post. They are streaming only but you can download She Fell (What Of Him) & Yours (For Her) via Triple J radio. Enjoy.