EP: Tom Day – Without Words


Tom Day

If you’ve spent some time on MatchMusik you may have discovered ours (and hopefully your) love for Tom Day. All four songs on Without Words is at least four and a half minutes of pure production, really giving each song on the EP time to grow and evolve and yet, as Tom says below, it is all mixed into one continuous mix. Without Words is beautiful, and that’s all I have to say. Enjoy.

This is a four track EP inspired by the colder autumn/winter days in Melbourne, Australia.

4 songs, 20 mins, mixed all as one.

Enjoy, friends.


Tom Day & Monsoonsiren – Elegiac (Leaks Remix)


Tom Day & Monsoonsiren - Tom Day & Monsoonsiren

Last year Tom Day and Monsoonsiren released their eponymous EP, 20 minutes of pure ambient bliss that would have made the list of my favourite releases of the year, had I had one. Today they released a remix of Elegiac pieced together by Leaks. The remix was originally an exclusively vinyl release, so I’ve been listening to this since mine arrived late last year and it only seems right to share such a great song. I believe that there are still copies of Tom Day & Monsoonsiren available on wax, so grab the download and get yourself one of just 150 copies of the EP. Enjoy.

Purchase: Tom Day & Monsoonsiren

Tom & Laura – Sorrow


Tom & Laura - Sorrow

Tom & Laura is a new collaboration between Tom Day and his cousin Laura Lethlean. If you’ve heard of Tom Day before this you’ll know this is going to be a treat, he has produced some of the most delicate ambient sounds that I’ve heard in a while. Sorrow has Laura casting a veil of her incredible vocal presence over Tom‘s production. The result is really quite something. This is also the debut track from what will be either an EP or an LP in the near future. Enjoy.


Tom Day – All For You


Tom Day - All For You

Tom Day is preparing to release his debut album in December this year and with All For You he gives us a little window into the wonders that it will undoubtedly hold. The ambient soundscape that I can only describe as breathtaking is the first solo production we’ve heard from Tom Day in a little while, following on from his eponymous EP with Moonsiren that acted as a superb first project to come out of Zero Through Nine. Enjoy.

EP: Tom Day & Monsoonsiren – Tom Day & Monsoonsiren


Tom Day & Monsoonsiren - Tom Day & Monsoonsiren

We got a sneak peak at one of this amazingly talented duo’s songs about a month ago, if memory serves, I got extremely excited for the final product of Tom Day and Monsoonsiren‘s eponymous EP. Well, now the EP has been released and I’m glad to say that it does not disappoint. This EP is just so beautiful, I can’t begin to explain the delicacy of the vocal work and the interwoven production submersing it. Just listen to it yourself and prepare to be drifted away. Enjoy

Digital: Tom Day & Monsoonsiren – Tom Day & Monsoonsiren

Limited Vinyl: Tom Day & Monsoonsiren – Tom Day & Monsoonsiren