Album: Jakarta Records – Winter In Jakarta


Jakarta Records - Winter In Jakarta

Following the success of their Summer In Jakarta compilation, Jakarta Records has decided to put out a follow up, Winter In Jakarta. With contributions from Oddisee, L’Orange, IAMNOBODI, StwoLike and more, this makes for a damn good compilation. Enjoy.

EP: Julia Losfelt – Quiet Storm


Julia Losfelt - Quiet Storm

Julia Losfelt‘s delicate vocals now have the pleasure of gracing her debut EP, Quiet Storm. While the EP sits at a decent 6 tracks long, only the first 3 are originals, including Away, the first original piece we heard from Julia earlier this year. The second half is three very different remixes of the opening track from the likes of Bear//Face, Stwo and Dream Koala. So you know you’re in for something there. Enjoy.