Album: Jakarta Records – Winter In Jakarta


Jakarta Records - Winter In Jakarta

Following the success of their Summer In Jakarta compilation, Jakarta Records has decided to put out a follow up, Winter In Jakarta. With contributions from Oddisee, L’Orange, IAMNOBODI, StwoLike and more, this makes for a damn good compilation. Enjoy.

Oddisee & Phonte – Requiem // L’Orange – Sometimes I Feel (feat. Kool Keith)


Mello Music Group - Persona

Mello Music Group is one of those labels where you can pre-order an album from an artist you’ve never heard (something I’ve actually done) and feel pretty safe that the project that swings your way will be some dope hip hop, filled to the brim with soul and passion. So the upcoming compilation album is certain to be nothing less that perfect. Check the tracklist on bandcamp. This will not be one to miss. Persona. March 10. Enjoy.

Pre-order: Vinyl

But there’s ultimately no need to do the track-by-track breakdown. This is an anthology in the most traditional well-curated sense. Turn here if you want to find the best hip-hop artists of their generation in raw and unfiltered form. The bars are brimstone; the beats force your neck to swivel. Through all the discontent, rays of hope begin to emerge. If you remember the feeling you got when you first heard Soundbombing, stop searching. The slang has changed, the style remains indelible, the latest personas have emerged. The new sound is here. – Mello Music Group

L’Orange – Need You (feat. Blu)



The last I heard from L’Orange was the album he produced for Stik Figa, and that a serious project. Need You sees Blu hopping up on an L’Orange produced joint again. This is not the first time these two have worked together, and hopefully not the last. The new single comes off L’Orange‘s upcomong solo album, The Orchid Days, coming in April via Mello Music Group. Enjoy.