Album: King I Divine – Modes Of Chill


King I Divine

The aptly named Modes Of Chill was King I Divine‘s gift to the world on his own birthday. As I warned all of you earlier you’ll be getting a fair amount of excellent instrumental music, because that’s what I can study to, so that’s what we’ve got here (aside from a few features, from Noah Bility, JohnNY ULD Henriquez and frequent collaborator ScienZe). On the album King I searches through his influences of jazz, soul and hip hop to bring to you his Modes Of Chill. Enjoy.

Divine ScienZe (ScienZe x King I Divine) – Just A Thought (feat. Chuuwee)



This is the first of what may be a series of tracks released while King I Divine & ScienZe continue on their Enjoy Tonight Tour. Enjoy.

Click here to download – Divine ScienZe (ScienZe x King I Divine) – Just A Thought (feat. Chuuwee)