Video: BadBadNotGood – She – Odd Future Sessions Continue


BadBadNotGood have let off the next video from their Odd Future session, this time tackling She. The Frank Ocean featuring 4th track off Tyler, The Creator‘s Goblin. This is another solid instalment in BadBadNotGood‘s catalogue that is definitely bringing in a whole new crowd into jazz. Enjoy.

BadBadNotGood – She

BadBadNotGood Do DOOM


A new track is out from the guys at BadBadNotGood, this time tackling jazz renditions of a few MF Doom songs. There are 3 songs been reconstructed here, in order, Supervillian Theme from the album, Madvillainy (by Madvillain), Fazers from Take Me To Your Leader (by King Geedorah) & Vomitspit from Mm.. Food (by MF DOOM). These guys have been doing something new & have successfully gotten me to not only listen to, but enjoy jazz. You can keep up with BadBadNotGood on their tumblr, youtube & bandcampEnjoy.

Click here to download – BadBadNotGood – DOOM

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BadBadNotGood & Tyler, The Creator – Fish


BadBadNotGood & Tyler, The Creator are back again, this time having a jam at Fish, off of Tyler’s album, Goblin. This is a little different to the last video from this collaboration in that Tyler isn’t rapping, but instead playing the keys. I am expecting some more videos to be coming out over the next few days, so come back here to see them.

BadBadNotGood & Tyler, The Creator – Fish

BadBadNotGood & Tyler, The Creator – Seven



BadBadNotGood & Tyler, The Creator have finally linked up with Seven, off Tyler’s first album, Bastard. This adds a new level to the song & it will be interesting to see what these guys do in the future. An Odd Future show with BadBadNotGood providing beats would be insane. Check out the rest of BadBadNotGood here & if for some reason you haven’t got some Odd Future yet, head over here. Most of their albums should still be up for free, but MellowHype’s BlackendWhite & Tyler, The Creator’s Goblin won’t be. Definitely go buy those two.