Album: RunC.T. – Baroque


RunC.T. - Baroque

It seems that Cult Classic Records can do no wrong, and while this is the first project I’ve heard from RunC.T., I’d wager that the same applies. Baroque is jazz hop at its finest; laid back and full of soul. The 21 year old producer coming out of Houston has a fair amount a music out already, so once I get my fill of Baroque I’m heading over to his bandcamp to soak it all in (I recommend you do the same). Enjoy.

Album: King I Divine – Modes Of Chill


King I Divine

The aptly named Modes Of Chill was King I Divine‘s gift to the world on his own birthday. As I warned all of you earlier you’ll be getting a fair amount of excellent instrumental music, because that’s what I can study to, so that’s what we’ve got here (aside from a few features, from Noah Bility, JohnNY ULD Henriquez and frequent collaborator ScienZe). On the album King I searches through his influences of jazz, soul and hip hop to bring to you his Modes Of Chill. Enjoy.

Album: Esbe – Bloomsday


Esbe - Bloomsday

I’ve gone back to a pretty intense uni schedule so I’d expect a fair amount of my study music popping up here, which is hopefully something you won’t mind at all given that it includes things like like Esbe‘s latest, Bloomsday. Experimental instrumental hip hop with elements of ambient, jazz, soul, lounge and electronic music, all effortlessly combined with a healthy sprinkle of sampling, is probably the best way to describe the music that you’ll find below. It’s definitely worth lending an ear to. Grab it through Cult Classic Records or his own bandcamp. Enjoy.

Album: The Jazz Jousters – Locations: Japan


The Jazz Jousters -  Locations - Japan

Millennium Jazz Music and The Jazz Jousters are really things that you need to familiarise yourself with. The usual suspects have taken on a slightly different task with their newest release, instead of piecing together a project that pays homage to a particular jazz musician, with each producer creating something influenced by the subject in question, the Jousters have instead explored the sounds and influences of a particular location. Starting Locations with the excellently executed Japan, and with Brazil to follow within the month, this is a series I can get behind. Enjoy.

Album: Yasiin Gaye: The Return (Side Two)


Yasiin Gaye - The Return (Side Two)

I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been for the second half of Amerigo Gazaway‘s magical blend of Marvin Gaye and Yasiin Bey. This project is a must, along with the first half, and if you grab a free download it comes with a pdf, including liner notes going into some detail behind each song. Enjoy.

I wanted to build this side from more of Marvin’s original production work. He was doing a lot of what we do now, in terms of looping and pulling samples from other pre-recorded sessions decades before hip-hop made it common practice to do so. This also gave me the room to feature other artist [Chuck Berry, The Temptations, Talib, etc.] and re-present those classic Mos [Def] versus in a new context.

BadBadNotGood – Live Mixtape


The jazz trio, BadBadNotGood recently did a live show & have released the audio from it as a live mixtape. If you have followed this site you will know I am a huge fan of BadBadNotGood & the new approach that they are taking to the jazz genre, so any new BadBadNotGood is a good thing. Stream/download the entire mixtape here (also check out the rest of their work if you haven’t already. Enjoy.

Click here to download – BadBadNot Good – Bastard/Lemonade/Assmilk/Shouts Outs (Live)

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