Bedsides – At Long Last, Nothing



The now solo project, Bedsides has released his newest piece of production. Sitting at just over nine minutes, At Long Last, Nothing is a slow rolling and bouncing sliver of atmospheric and downtempo ambience. In other news Bedsides has at least six songs completed for his debut full length album, so get excited for that. Enjoy.

Bedsides – Strangers


Bedsides - Strangers

I’m going to steal some words from a potential new contributor (more on that in future posts) before he gets here; Bedsides appear to have come into possession ‘a bottle of summer’, which I can only assume they use to douse each and every song before they release it into the wild. Listening to Strangers you’ll understand exactly what I mean; warm crackles, sunlit synths and perfect production run throughout the ambient piece, displaying why we at MatchMusik love Bedsides so much. Enjoy.

Bedsides – Beginnings // In Thirds


Bedsides - Beginnings

It has been a minutes since I’ve heard any noise from Bedsides, but we just got hit with two songs in two days. Both are downtempo electronic productions from the duo. In Thirds being the longer, more electronica-y of the two, while Beginnings has a stronger, slower bassline, giving it a bit of an ambient hip hop feel to go with it’s additional layers of vocal samples. Either way, two magical new songs to bless your ears. Enjoy.

Weekly Match #29 – Bedsides – Afternoon


Weekly Match is a weekly series where I will be highlighting a song, album, artist or whatever that doesn’t really fit in with the usual posting on the MatchMusik. This will let me sift through my music collection each week & pull something out that may be a little older, but still something I feel like sharing. Enjoy.

Bedsides, the chilled out electronic project from Jackson Alsop & Caleb Artist of NSW, Australia is the feature for this weeks Weekly Match. The music that these guys produce is some of the best downtempo music that I have heard in a while. The duo have released one EP, which is “suitable for chilling, illing, pilling and/or thrilling”. They are are currently working on the follow up to Afternoon & have a handful of other great songs available on soundcloudbandcamp. Keep an ear out for more from Bedsides. Enjoy.