EP: Red Pill – Learning To Punch


Red Pill

It feels like I’ve only been posting things coming through Mello Music Group this week (not that I’m even remotely complaining), but what else can I do when they just keep on delivering? The new signee opens his EP with Smile, using production from his now labelmate Oddisee that Red Pill‘s been sitting on for 5 years. Learning To Punch rounds out with Apollo Brown and Duke Westlake behind the boards on one track each. Everyone brings their own on this project and if you aren’t already following everything Red Pill and Mello Music Group, then sort yourself out. Enjoy.

Rapper Big Pooh – Stop (feat. Steve Roxx) (Prod. Apollo Brown)


Rapper Big Pooh - Words Paint Pictures

A week ago Rapper Big Pooh announced he would be releasing an album produced entirely by the great Apollo Brown. If you’ve heard output from either of these guys (preferably both) you’ll already know that this is going to end up being a seriously great album; and so that you don’t have to wait in silence until it’s release on March 24 they’ve given us Stop to spin until then. Stop and it’s Steve Roxx feature will sit alongside features from Rass KassBlakk Soul, Jalen Santoy, Novej and Lute; and the whole thing will be coming out through Mello Music Group. Hit the jump to read what Rapper Pooh has to say (via XXL) about the single. Enjoy.

Pre-order: iTunes or Vinyl

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Oddisee & Phonte – Requiem // L’Orange – Sometimes I Feel (feat. Kool Keith)


Mello Music Group - Persona

Mello Music Group is one of those labels where you can pre-order an album from an artist you’ve never heard (something I’ve actually done) and feel pretty safe that the project that swings your way will be some dope hip hop, filled to the brim with soul and passion. So the upcoming compilation album is certain to be nothing less that perfect. Check the tracklist on bandcamp. This will not be one to miss. Persona. March 10. Enjoy.

Pre-order: Vinyl

But there’s ultimately no need to do the track-by-track breakdown. This is an anthology in the most traditional well-curated sense. Turn here if you want to find the best hip-hop artists of their generation in raw and unfiltered form. The bars are brimstone; the beats force your neck to swivel. Through all the discontent, rays of hope begin to emerge. If you remember the feeling you got when you first heard Soundbombing, stop searching. The slang has changed, the style remains indelible, the latest personas have emerged. The new sound is here. – Mello Music Group

EP: Peebs The Prophet – Ills Of The Earth (Prod. Phoniks & BluntOne)


Peebs The Prophet - Ills Of The Earth (Prod. Phoniks & BluntOne)

Given his track record, pretty much anything associated with Phoniks is certified dope. Splitting the production 50/50, Phoniks and BluntOne give a smooth, jazzy, sample based backdrop for Peebs The Prophet to rock the mic, with Awon and Dephlow features in tow. I think this EP is going to get quite a few spins over here. Enjoy.

Atom, Coin Banks & Marksman Lloyd – Feel


Atom, Coin Banks & Marksman Lloyd - Feel

Parisian producer Atom linked up with the Western Australian based rappers Coin Banks and Marksman Lloyd for a Christmas day release. If you head over to Atom‘s soundcloud you’ll find a couple of producers takes on his light and summery production on Feel and even an a capella if you want to try you own hand at it, although it’s pretty damn good the way it is. As for Coin and Marksman, if either of their lyrical stylings takes your fancy (which wouldn’t surprise me), they both released an EP towards the end of last year: Tails and Rewrite The Ending respectively. Marksman also just released the video for the title track to his EP, so check that out below as well. Enjoy.

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Michael Seuss – N3TWORK’D (feat. X-am) (Prod. Stan The Beatsmith)


Michael Seuss - N3TWORK'D (feat. X-am) (Prod. Stan The Beatsmith)

Along with working on his debut album and his Neverland 2 release Michael Seuss has apparently been working on a follow up to his East Hero mixtape. The first single off the upcoming East Hero 2: The Return Of Alpha-Man features production from long time collaborator Stan The Beatsmith, sees Seuss sharing the mic with fellow label mate (on 5am Records) X-am and the result is just as great as you would hope. This is a promising look into the next (busy) year or so of Seuss releases. Enjoy.

EP: A-F-R-O – Modest World


A-F-R-O, Lord Finesse & R.A. The Rugged Man

Seventeen year old A-F-R-O (All Flows Reach Out) caught R.A. The Rugged Man‘s attention (as well as mine) with his lightning fast submission to R.A.‘s Definition Of A Rap Flow competition. He has since gone on to have R.A. feature a few freestyles on his youtube and had the chance to meet (and potentially work with) a whole lot of hip hop greats, including DJ PremierA-F-R-O‘s newest collection of songs, Modest World has the lyricist gliding over some smooth soul filled production from Pulse Reaction and Alex Nejera. If you’re still after more then check out his previous projects A-F-R-O Loves Dilla, and A-F-R-O DOOM; which are pretty much what you’d expect. ENjoy.