Album: Esbe – Bloomsday


Esbe - Bloomsday

I’ve gone back to a pretty intense uni schedule so I’d expect a fair amount of my study music popping up here, which is hopefully something you won’t mind at all given that it includes things like like Esbe‘s latest, Bloomsday. Experimental instrumental hip hop with elements of ambient, jazz, soul, lounge and electronic music, all effortlessly combined with a healthy sprinkle of sampling, is probably the best way to describe the music that you’ll find below. It’s definitely worth lending an ear to. Grab it through Cult Classic Records or his own bandcamp. Enjoy.

Tom Misch – Memory


Tom Misch

I’m finally finished with my mid year exams and am beginning to find time to get back into the music, and what better way is there to reopen MatchMusik than with Tom Misch‘s official debut single. This also serves as the very first song to be released through the London based producer’s new label, Beyond The Groove. Memory is just under six minutes of pure instrumental bliss, with a short vocal segment that compliments Misch‘s production perfectly. Grab Memory off iTunes now. Enjoy.

L V M A – Arms



I’m going to have to give it up for Believe In Sound for this beautiful find here, Arms is the debut release from L V M A. I do not know anything about who or what L V M A is, but I can tell you they hail from Bristol/Cardiff, they have three magical playlists on their soundcloud (Summer, Ambient and House) and that their song Arms is absurdly lovely and should be in your ears asap. Enjoy.

Hold me in your arms

Bedsides – At Long Last, Nothing



The now solo project, Bedsides has released his newest piece of production. Sitting at just over nine minutes, At Long Last, Nothing is a slow rolling and bouncing sliver of atmospheric and downtempo ambience. In other news Bedsides has at least six songs completed for his debut full length album, so get excited for that. Enjoy.

EP: Tom Day – Without Words


Tom Day

If you’ve spent some time on MatchMusik you may have discovered ours (and hopefully your) love for Tom Day. All four songs on Without Words is at least four and a half minutes of pure production, really giving each song on the EP time to grow and evolve and yet, as Tom says below, it is all mixed into one continuous mix. Without Words is beautiful, and that’s all I have to say. Enjoy.

This is a four track EP inspired by the colder autumn/winter days in Melbourne, Australia.

4 songs, 20 mins, mixed all as one.

Enjoy, friends.


EP: Goldbloc – Black Gold



This is an amazing find right here. Goldbloc is where you’ll find yourself soaked in the bouncy downtempo production of Goldenhaus and the wonderfully soulful vocal stylings of Solei (who is also responsible for the picture above). This makes for a remarkably delectable combination that I can’t stop listening to. This has a strong stamp of MatchMusik approval, just go listen to it. Enjoy.