Album: RunC.T. – Baroque


RunC.T. - Baroque

It seems that Cult Classic Records can do no wrong, and while this is the first project I’ve heard from RunC.T., I’d wager that the same applies. Baroque is jazz hop at its finest; laid back and full of soul. The 21 year old producer coming out of Houston has a fair amount a music out already, so once I get my fill of Baroque I’m heading over to his bandcamp to soak it all in (I recommend you do the same). Enjoy.

Album: Esbe – Bloomsday


Esbe - Bloomsday

I’ve gone back to a pretty intense uni schedule so I’d expect a fair amount of my study music popping up here, which is hopefully something you won’t mind at all given that it includes things like like Esbe‘s latest, Bloomsday. Experimental instrumental hip hop with elements of ambient, jazz, soul, lounge and electronic music, all effortlessly combined with a healthy sprinkle of sampling, is probably the best way to describe the music that you’ll find below. It’s definitely worth lending an ear to. Grab it through Cult Classic Records or his own bandcamp. Enjoy.

Cult Classic Records – Friends & Family 3


Cult Classic Records - Friends & Family 3

As the name suggests, the Friends & Family series by Cult Classic Records is one including the artists signed to CCR, as well as a selection of friends of the label. Click play and inside you’ll find 22 amazing songs from a whole range of artists. So what are you waiting for, dive in and discover some new music. Enjoy.

We want to dedicate this release to our friend Praverb who sadly passed away yesterday. For those who don’t know of him, he wasn’t just a rapper he was a guy who selflessly helped thousands of artists. A truly great man who put his career on the back burner whilst helping out so many, all he wanted was to see people succeed it didn’t matter if you had 10 fans or 10k fans you could always count on him to lend a hand and he never asked for anything in return. We’re sorry that we never got to finish off our plans to post F&F3 with you today but we are glad you got to hear all of it before you passed.

CCR will be contributing to his family and funeral costs from funds raised with this compilation but if you would like to donate direct to his family a fund has been set up by a family friend

RIP P, thanks for being a great friend to the Hip Hop community. Much love and support to his wife, young son Matthew, family and friends through this hard time.
We will never forget you, Rest In Peace.

Inchange – Found Records


Inchange - Found Records

It’s times like these that I love the internet age. Labels are able to find, release and promote music without geographical restrictions. The people at Cult Classic Records do this properly; take a scroll through their catalogue and you’ll find amazing music from all over the world; the latest addition being from Russian producer, Inchange. The CCR bandcamp page includes a better description of the music that I could hope to achieve, so all I ask is that you follow Annette‘s opening words and as always, Enjoy.

Just stop for a moment. Free your mind of everyday monotonous thoughts, focus your attention only on the music.

Thomas Prime – Like A Feather (Nujabes Tribute)


Thomas Prime - Like A Feather (Nujabes Tribute)

Legendary producers Nujabes and Jay Dee were both born and passed away (four and eight years ago respectively) in February, and every year there are still numerous tributes released this time of year. This shows just how far their influence has spread through the music world and the level of respect that is held to them both. While it was a tragedy to lose either of these great musical minds I how that their spirits can live on through music. This tribute comes from Thomas Prime and it does Seba Jun justice. R.I.P.

Album: Daimyo – Blessed Relief


Daimyo - Blessed Relief

Blessed Relief is Daimyo‘s debut LP, having just been released through Cult Classic Records. The full length is blessed with Daiymo‘s on point, smooth, jazzy hip hop production work, which is interspersed with vocal features from a handful of rappers that I’ve never heard of; and Dudu Stinks, Abgohard, Hump Jones, TwentySeven, Stink Tank and Sketch Lightly seem like names I’d remember. Anyway, this LP is pretty solid project with superb production and complementing vocal work, this is worth a listen. Enjoy.

EP: MYK & Shirosky – Adaptaion


MYK & Shirosky - Adaptaion

Shirosky is the “first female jazz hip-hop musician/producer in South Korea” & has made quite an impression on me with her release with rapper MYK. MYK is initially from the Bay Area, but moved to Seoul where he has been working with a lot of the local talent. On Adaptaion MYK flows smoothly over Shirosky‘s jazz infused hip hop production & creates a solid product that is more than worth your time. Enjoy.