Album: Esbe – Bloomsday


Esbe - Bloomsday

I’ve gone back to a pretty intense uni schedule so I’d expect a fair amount of my study music popping up here, which is hopefully something you won’t mind at all given that it includes things like like Esbe‘s latest, Bloomsday. Experimental instrumental hip hop with elements of ambient, jazz, soul, lounge and electronic music, all effortlessly combined with a healthy sprinkle of sampling, is probably the best way to describe the music that you’ll find below. It’s definitely worth lending an ear to. Grab it through Cult Classic Records or his own bandcamp. Enjoy.

Mount Dreams – Night Dive


Mount Dreams - Night Dive

LUUUL and Petit Biscuit are back at it, releasing the second track off their upcoming collaborative album as Mount Dreams. Following a similar train of thought from their debut release, Wolfs, you can really hear the influence of both artists in Night Dive. I’m sure the album will be one to look out for. Enjoy.

Mount Dreams – Wolfs


Mount Dreams

Mount Dreams is LUUUL and Petit Biscuit, and while their first single Wolfs isn’t quite the sound I expected, it is still a damn good one. Petit Biscuit comes from the experimental side of electronic production and LUUUL is more likely to put out an ambient electronic/indie piece; Wolfs takes the form of an indie pop/rock track that serves as the first glimpse of their upcoming album as Mount Dreams, one that’ll surely be worth looking out for. Enjoy.

Fractures – Won’t Win (Japanese Wallpaper Remix)


Fractures - Won't Win (Japanese Wallpaper Remix)

It’s been a few weeks since I have put anything new up, but that should just mean that you’ll be hit with a stream of the best that I’ve found in that time. I can not tell you how much I have listened to this remix from Japanese Wallpaper. The 17 year old producer hailing from Melbourne has blown me away with each of his releases, in particular his last two original tracks and this take on FracturesWon’t Win. If you do anything today, make sure it includes falling in love with Japanese Wallpaper‘s music. Enjoy.

EP: LUUUL – Listen To The Sea



You should remember Summer Lights from a little while back, as it happens that amazingly produced track flowing with a pristine summers day has been bundled up with two other like minded tracks to create Listen To The Sea. This isn’t the last we’ll hear from LUUUL this year, with a collaborative album with Petit Biscuit set to be released in September. Check out a preview of that album below, Panama. Enjoy.

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Bedsides – At Long Last, Nothing



The now solo project, Bedsides has released his newest piece of production. Sitting at just over nine minutes, At Long Last, Nothing is a slow rolling and bouncing sliver of atmospheric and downtempo ambience. In other news Bedsides has at least six songs completed for his debut full length album, so get excited for that. Enjoy.