EP: Peebs The Prophet – Ills Of The Earth (Prod. Phoniks & BluntOne)


Peebs The Prophet - Ills Of The Earth (Prod. Phoniks & BluntOne)

Given his track record, pretty much anything associated with Phoniks is certified dope. Splitting the production 50/50, Phoniks and BluntOne give a smooth, jazzy, sample based backdrop for Peebs The Prophet to rock the mic, with Awon and Dephlow features in tow. I think this EP is going to get quite a few spins over here. Enjoy.

Nick Leng – Leaves // Inside Your Mind (feat. Carmody)


Nick Leng

I was walking home today and I decided that was a good enough excuse to throw on Nick Leng‘s magical 2014 single Walking Home (any excuse will do really) when I realised that I hadn’t heard anything from the San Diegan producer in a while, so it was about time I checked in. Well when I finally got to my computer, low and behold not only does he have new material, but he has released his debut EP. Inside Your Mind was released through MrSuicideSheep and features the wonderful Carmody and sits alongside Leaves and the title track Tunnels and Planes. I could sit here all day and tell you why you should check Nick Leng out, but I’ve got study to get to, and Tunnels and Planes pretty much sums it up perfectly. Enjoy.

iTunes: Nick Leng – Tunnels and Planes

EP: Tabrill – Revision



I meant to post the opening song from this EP when I first heard Moving On a week or so ago, but by the time I got around to do it I figured I’d continue on the path of laziness and wait for the full project to drop. Well now Revision EP is here and I have no more excuses to keep Tabrill from you. As I was going to say, it opens with Moving On which is co-produced by Feki (who you may have seen up here with his Odesza remix) and the other three songs feature vocals from Domonic or Rachael Noakes and it is of exceptional quality. Tabrill himself doesn’t know what genre of music he makes, so I’m not going to attempt it, just hit play and decide for yourself. Enjoy.

EP: Monsoonsiren – Falstrati



Now, if you were to go over to Monsoonsiren‘s facebook page you’ll find the description “I make cinematic funeral music”. This is something that you can somewhat feel throughout his newest release though Project Mooncircle. Falstrati showcases Monsoonsiren‘s delicate falseto and his storytelling, especially in some darker areas, over the top of glitchy production from Go Yama, Insightful, Laplace and Galimatias. This is all pieced together so beautifully that you could be forgiven for missing the significantly melancholic themes underlying the EP. Enjoy.

Imperial – All Is Grace (feat. Joshua Luke Smith)


Imperial - All Is Grace (feat. Joshua Luke Smith)

Update: Now with video, check it out below.

You should remember Imperial from his work with K.I.N.E.T.I.K., well this time the producer has released a single of his own alongside Joshua Luke Smith. All Is Grace is a pretty good summary of why I love Imperial and makes for a good introduction of what Joshua Luke Smith is capable (for those of us who aren’t in the know). Released through Illect Recordings, this is real hip hop. Enjoy.

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Album: Stumbleine – Infinite Overcast


Stumbleine - Infinite Overcast

Stumbleine‘s last release of 2014 came from somewhere I’d rather be. My hope is that is that by staring off into this rather nostalgic album cover while completely immersing myself in Stumbleine‘s shoegaze/chillwave excellence (perhaps with a beer in hand) I might be able to forget that this Australian summer means that I may just burst into flames at any given moment. Infinite Overcast. Enjoy.

Album: Esbe – Bloomsday


Esbe - Bloomsday

I’ve gone back to a pretty intense uni schedule so I’d expect a fair amount of my study music popping up here, which is hopefully something you won’t mind at all given that it includes things like like Esbe‘s latest, Bloomsday. Experimental instrumental hip hop with elements of ambient, jazz, soul, lounge and electronic music, all effortlessly combined with a healthy sprinkle of sampling, is probably the best way to describe the music that you’ll find below. It’s definitely worth lending an ear to. Grab it through Cult Classic Records or his own bandcamp. Enjoy.