Album: Awon, Dephlow & Phoniks – Dephacation


Awon, Dephlow & Phoniks - Dephacation

Awon, Dephlow and Phoniks are names in hip hop that you should get familiar with. Phoniks‘ soulful, funky hip hop production has been slowly filling up my music collection with everything from instrumentals, to that excellent project with Anti-Lilly, to his large amount of remixes that you can find on his bandcamp. The last time I heard a project from Awon it was the self explanatory Return To The Golden Era, with Phoniks on production and while I wasn’t particularly familiar with Dephlow before now (aside from a single track with Phoniks), he’s definitely impressed me and I’ll be keeping an ear out from here on out. Dephacation is a perfect display of hip hop with Awon and Dephlow trading bars throughout the tape, accompanied of course by Phoniks‘ old school instrumentation. Grab a free download or physical copy here, and for those of us outside of North America, get yours pressed onto wax here. Enjoy.

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