Album: CunninLynguists – Strange Journey Volume Three


CunninLynguists - Strange Journey Volume Three

I just got home from a long tiring day to find that CunninLynguistsStrange Journey Volume Three has leaked early; followed of course by CunninLynguists setting the record free, releasing it with a ‘name your price’ option from their bandcamp. I haven’t listened to this yet (as I just got home) but I can guarantee you that this will be amazing and will likely be in my top projects for the year. Enjoy.

Download Strange Journey Volume Three NOW exclusively at — you can even Name Your Price! We were going to make it free on March 31st to our fans as a thank you for helping us make the record, but The Internets decided to leak it — and “ripping groups” weren’t involved in making this record, so fuck ’em…we’re putting the deluxe digital edition up for free right now! “Burn it off the fucking internet, and bump it outside…” You can still pre-order “Booster Packs” & “Format Packs” too! Peace! – Kno

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