Josh Furey – Petals


Josh Furey

If you don’t know who Josh Furey is, he’s a ‘multi-genre producer’ that happens to also run Nocturne Records. What this actually means is that when you turn on a Josh Furey records you are going to hear an amalgamation of Josh‘s influences, with downtempo, electronica, hip hop, trip hop and more, all working in perfect unison. You can actually hear all of these influences in a mix that he recently put together, 46 minutes of “pure instrumental magic” for U Call That Love?. So basically check below from the Blue Blood Oranges mix, give the title track for Petals a spin (with free download), and have a go at the whole EP. And of course I need to give a shout out to U Call That Love? for the heads up on this one. Enjoy.

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