Feature Friday #4: MatchMusik Vol. 2 – Message To Bears


Message To Bears

Feature Friday is a place that focuses on particular genres, places, labels, whatever I can come up with that will allow (force) me to explore some new music and, of course, bring the best of it here. Enjoy.

Where do I even start with the fourth feature on MatchMusik Vol. 2? I first heard Message To Bears two years ago when he released Folding Leaves and his particular brand of warm, ambient folktronica immediately had me hooked. I find it hard to put into words just what Message To Bears does to me, and this is consistent across all of his releases (including his more electronic focused release as J.R Alexander), but it is certainly something magical. I can think of nothing better than watching the sun set (or rise, or track across the sky, or be reflected off the moon) while listening to something that Message To Bears has concocted. If you haven’t yet, check out his latest release, Maps, where we were fortunate enough to borrow I Know You Love To Fall from (plus the rest of his discography).

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