Feature Friday #2: MatchMusik Vol. 2 – Owls Of The Swamp


Owls of the Swamp

Feature Friday is a place that focuses on particular genres, places, labels, whatever I can come up with that will allow (force) me to explore some new music, and of course bring the best of it here. Enjoy.

The second song off MatchMusik Vol. 2 came from a Melbourner, who just finished up recording his forthcoming album in Iceland and the UK. Owls Of The Swamp is the moniker he goes by, and atmospheric indie folk is what he does. He has been one of my favourite finds of last year, and while he only put out three songs last year (all of which are available for free download), each of them have been nothing short of amazing. Have a listen to one of last year’s b-sides (this is a b-side, so I’m damn excited for the album) and check out a live version of the next single from the album, which you’ll be able to wrap your ears around on May 6 through Labelship.

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