Mixtape: Michael Suess – World’s Fair: Age Of Tomorrow


Michael Suess - World's Fair - Age Of TOmorrow

If you’ve been on MatchMusik at all you’ll know that we’ve been following Michael Suess for a while now. Since we first heard him, Suess has put out two solid mixtapes (three including this newest addition), joined up with Dior Sentai collective, singed to 5AM Records, featured on both of our own MatchMusik compilation albums and been going through constant improvement along the way, so it goes without saying that I have been pretty damn excited for the release of World’s Fair: Age of Tomorrow since he first announced the project and gave me a little insight into his plans for it. This newest mixtape follows a storyline of Michael Suess, Dante & Miles Farewell working at the World’s Fair and, well I don’t really want to give away much more of it so you can go discover it on your own. Storyline aside, the mixtape holds features and production from across the Dior Sentai and 5AM Records camps and then of course there’s Suess himself, with his on point rhymes, old school flow and decent lyricism. Get onto Suess and World’s Fair if you have’t already. Enjoy.

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