JustMe – BLVD Scarred (feat. Deacon the Villain)


JustMe - BLVD Scarred (feat. Deacon the Villain)

Whenever I find an artist or someone I listen to gets signed I make an effort to go through that label’s catalogue to see if they just got lucky or if they are full of talent. Despite Illect Recordings having quite a sizeable amount of releases since being founded in 2003, I hadn’t gotten around to hearing anything outside of Imperial and K.I.N.E.T.I.K.. Anyway, it turns out that Illect runs deep with dope music (I’ve spent much of today listening through their musics). One of their releases is BLVD Scarred from JustMe featuring vocals and production from Deacon the Villain, I don’t want to say that it’s the sort of hip hop you’ll find on the Illect as there’s definitely variety between all of their artists, but it does give you lyricism, high quality production and smooth flows, which is what you’ll find on the label. So do what took me so long to get to, give this a listen and then just continue down the rest of material Illect has. They just put out another track from Sareem Poems & Imperial, more on that later. Enjoy.

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