Compilation Album: MatchMusik Vol. 2


MatchMusik Vol. 2

One year later and we’re back with another compilation album. As with last year I asked a collection of my favourite artists to lend us a song in a effort to recreate what MatchMusik represents in a single free download. No specific genres, no specific countries, just amazing music from some artists that we’ve featured across the last year. Let this be your soundtrack to anything and use it to get familiar with some new artists or even some new genres. If you can, share this round. All of these artists deserve more ears at the receiving end of their music.

P.s. Huge amount of thank you’s for everyone involved, everyone that listens, everyone that downloads and everyone that shares it on.

Check out each of the artists involved below:
Brigette Naggar:
Jordan Butler:
Marksman Lloyd:
Message To Bears:
Mez Medallion:
Michael Suess:
Owls of the Swamp:
Parks, Squares & Alleys:
Xenon Square:

3 thoughts on “Compilation Album: MatchMusik Vol. 2

    • I’m rather happy with how it’s turned out and I’m sure you’ll find some more stuff on their you like. Haha no worries, it was completely my pleasure. Last year’s album (vol. 1) sprung from a combination of boredom, wanting to help these artists get a little bit more exposure and of course having an excuse to design an album for myself (complete with a few exclusive tracks) haha.

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