Weekly Match #53: The Broken Orchestra – Shibui


The Broken Orchestra - Shibui

Weekly Match is a weekly series highlighting a song, album, artist or whatever that doesn’t really fit in with the usual posting on the MatchMusik. This lets me sift through my music collection each week & pull something out that may be a little older, or that slipped through the cracks, and bring it back for all of you to enjoy.

The Broken Orchestra is a collaboration between producers Pat Dooner and Carl Conway-Davis and they brought together a whole slew of artists to assist with their Shibui project. Inyang Bassey, Anna Stott, Natalie Gardiner, Belle, Lauren Jade and Lady Paradox all grace the production with their vocal talents to bring the album together to one that is (accurately) described on their own page as  “dusty, laid back, groove, soulful, chopped, horns, melodic, percussive, organic, jazz, hip hop, acoustic, mellow, eclectic”. Basically this album is perfect for a lazy sunday. It’s really perfect for most occasions, but today happens to be a Sunday, so get on it.

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