Weekly Match #52: Sleeping At Last – Storyboards


Sleeping At Last - Storyboards

Weekly Match is a weekly series highlighting a song, album, artist or whatever that doesn’t really fit in with the usual posting on the MatchMusik. This lets me sift through my music collection each week & pull something out that may be a little older, or that slipped through the cracks, and bring it back for all of you to enjoy.

Today marks 5 weeks of me volunteering in Cambodia, and in between hanging out in temples, lounging on the beach and being able to learn/do/see some amazing things at the hospital I’ve been listening to a lot of really chilled music. Sleeping At Last is one of the artists that’s been on regular rotation. He is about to release a new EP in his six EP series Atlas and is having a holiday sale of 20% all the things you’d ever want. But I wanted to highlight (as I often do) the first piece of music I heard from him, the album that got me caught up as a fan. Storyboards, released back in 2009 and is graced with Sleeping At Last‘s magical voice and talent for the indie folk genre. When this album leaves you wanting more, head over to his website where you can listen to or buy from his extensive discography and then grab a subscription for the Atlas series, available in digital or physical editions.

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