Weekly Match #50: Catacombkid – Wander EP


Catacombkid - Wander EP

Weekly Match is a weekly series highlighting a song, album, artist or whatever that doesn’t really fit in with the usual posting on the MatchMusik. This lets me sift through my music collection each week & pull something out that may be a little older, or that slipped through the cracks, and bring it back for all of you to enjoy.

And we’re back with the second and final segment in our Odesza Special! Now, if last week I said that BeachesBeaches was the electronic, up-beat, beach party side of Odesza, then that would place Catacombkid in the lovely mix of ambient, chillwave and hip hop (generally speaking). Wander EP is a great example of this, from the opening track that displays all these characteristics (it’d be hard not to with a name like Sigur Ros vs The Beach Boys) and the remaining tracks emphasising different aspects of this. Re-listening to Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches solo work it is easy to see how the duo work so well together, with some blatantly obvious crossovers in style, as well as diverse focuses on their production, it’s really no surprise that they brought as something as fantastic as Odesza.

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