Weekly Match #49: BeachesBeaches – Sun Model EP


BeachesBeaches - Sun Model

Weekly Match is a weekly series highlighting a song, album, artist or whatever that doesn’t really fit in with the usual posting on the MatchMusik. This lets me sift through my music collection each week & pull something out that may be a little older, or that slipped through the cracks, and bring it back for all of you to enjoy.

This week and next week make up my Odesza Special! So that amazing Odesza haze that you’ve undoubtedly been engulfed in since you first heard it is actually composed of the brilliance of not one, but two producers. First up we have BeachesBeaches and his EP Sun Model released early last year. Having already been obsessively listening to Odesza, coming back to BeachesBeaches you can definitely hear/feel that same general vibe that makes Odesza so very addictive, but you’d probably suspect that given that he is half of the duo and he has a name like BeachesBeaches. But BeachesBeaches sounds likely to behind the more electronic, up-beat, beach party side of thing. Come back next week for more Odesza!

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