Interview: Zachariah Bell


Zachariah Bell

New Zealand’s Zachariah Bell is preparing to release his newest EP, Naked, which we will be premiering here tomorrow. We managed to have a little chat with him as well, the results are below. Make sure you check out Naked tomorrow, the teaser EP for his forthcoming debut full length album. Enjoy.

When I first heard your music you were producing as Enjoy., why did you change to releasing under your own name?

I never really could decide what to call myself when I started uploading my music. After a couple of my friends said that I should upload some of my stuff, I just picked the first name that came to mind. I chose to change that after the response I got for my first upload, I just wanted to be a little more serious I suppose. Plus the music I try and make now is more influenced by classical music.

How did you get into making music and producing?

I have always been playing music from a young age. Piano, then trumpet, then bass, guitar etc. I only recently decided that I would try out using Logic and Abelton after hearing some of artists from around New Zealand and what they had been producing. I just torrented Abelton and Logic and never looked back.

On that topic, are there any New Zealand artists in particular that inspired you to start, and any that you find inspiration from at the moment?

So many of the people in New Zealand are killing it at the moment. Yvanlesca, Race Banyon, Skymning, Foxtrot pretty much the whole KCB (Kerosene Comic Book) crew just to name a few. Sheep Dog and Wolf (Daniel McBride) a good friend of mine was a really big influence for me putting my music actually online which I was wasn’t incredibly keen for. Also Yvnalesca (Eden Persad) another friend really influenced my production and how I approached songs. Just seeing them all make music they love, and put it online and get positive responses really influenced me to do the same.

You use a fair amount of natural sounds in your music, how does that process work? Do you go out looking for a specific sound or record a range of things and see what comes from it?

I always liked to create layers to my songs, they are supposed to be listened to in the dark in bed so it’s creating the atmosphere which is what i’m really into. I go out and recorded what I can with my mic sometimes just sampling traffic to manipulate into drums and clicks. Just whatever sounds good. My songs are all really simple but at the same time complex in some parts, the natural sounds help create that authentic aesthetic. Not produced but created if you get me?

You’re currently on Title Flight Records, how did that partnership come about?

Yeah they just gave me an email and asked me if I would be interested in releasing something under them after I released Let Her Know. They re-mastered that E.P and put it on Spotify and iTunes now they helping with the new one as well. It’s a student label so it’s nothing major but that Is why i like it. They just let me do what I do and they sort the rest. Jai and the crew and sweet guys.

The label is based in the New York and the only collaboration I’ve seen you on is with Naked Bird, also from the US. Do you think there is a reason behind that, or is it just a consequence of the the internet making it that much easier to connect with people, regardless of location?

Yeah man. I just loved Selena’s voice. I have collaborations set up in New Zealand as well, but the overseas thing I kind of a no brainer. I just love working with talented people, be it here in NZ or in London. The internet is a great thing man, it promotes my music, it links me with other musicians and lets us work together just as if we were sitting with each other. I’m not a massive fan of self promotion. Like letting my music speak for itself rather then me and the internet allows that.

You’e just about to release a teaser EP and then your debut album, what can we expect from each of them?

Yeah these 2 tracks are from my full length. I have taken a different path with some of my music recently moving into post classical influenced by Olafur Arnlands and Nils Frahm. But still my old style as well. I have made like 50 tracks haha, but i’m really picky when it comes down to getting the ones I want to put on the album. I have been given a lot more access to equipment and instruments this time round so just a higher level of musicianship hopefully.

What do you love most about creating music?

Big question man. So many things. I think more then anything it’s the connectivity that I have with making and listening to music. I love it more then anything man, the ritual everything about it is perfect. Sounds like cheesy but it’s true. There is nothing else I would rather do in my spare time. It’s like a tool of expression everyone has a way of expressing themselves, be in painting, cooking, talking, dancing. My way of letting go is music.

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