Koda & Bijou – There


Koda & Bijou - There

Koda and Bijou‘s There might be the last we here of Koda, at least for a while. The quote below came up on my news feed the other day, which is a little upsetting as a fan of Koda. But all I can say is that I wish all the best for Koda, I hope that he can work his way through what he is going through, and without trying to sound selfish, I hope that we can hear him again in some form.

Hello everyone. I’m sorry to say but certain elements within this community are forcing me to abandon Kijou, and this project as well. I’m at a place emotionally where I can’t handle the stress of creating music for an audience, and goodwill from the community unfortunately isn’t enough to lessen the hurting i’ve been dished out by the people closest to me. I am not welcome here anymore, and it’s felt like this for a long time. Thank you to everyone that has supported me in the past. – Koda

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