The Townhouses – Nag Champa // The Oval


The Townhouses - Nag Champa

Leigh Hannah has taken his project, The Townhouses is a bit of a new direction with his latest single and b-side Nag Champa / The Oval, shifting away from dream pop and more towards soft indie rock. This comes off of a cassette that will be seeing release in the next few months. I’m won’t complain about this sound if you don’t. Enjoy.

I was on the 79 tram in Richmond one afternoon. It’s a line frequently occupied by some really beautiful old trams, however it’s a pretty notoriously slow ride through all the traffic, so I busied myself in my phone whilst trying to pass the time. After almost a minute of being stuck in the same spot, I noticed that my phone had automatically connected to a local wifi network. I looked up and had realised that we were stalled just outside an ex-lover’s apartment, a place where I’d spent a few really great months of my life before they’d moved out. I’d completely forgotten about these times, but my restored-from-backup iPhone had not, and probably never will.

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