MTNS – Lost Track Of Time



A month ago a friend of mine sent me their friends’ band’s new song, I sat on it then completely forgot it existent. Now that I’ve finally given it a listen… I really wish I hadn’t taken that long. The emotional ambient Lost Track Of Time is an amazing debut from MTNS. I’ll let their bio describe everything else, not just because I’m lazy, but because I love it so much. Don’t make the same mistake as me, listen to this immediately. Enjoy.

Moun – tains (moun-tnz)
noun, band
1. A natural peak rising above and beyond the surrounding level and attaining status which, relative to adjacent peers, is impressive and notable.

2. Tom Eggert (vox/guitar), Joseph Thiang (drums/samples), Robbie Hellberg (synth/bass)

‘Lost Track Of Time’

lost-track-of-time (lawst-trak-uhf-tahym)
collective, song
1. Debut single from MTNS. Encapsulating chillwave sounds featuring sedated reflections amid undulating, textured synths. An incredibly mature and stunning debut release.

iTunes: MTNS – Lost Track Of Time

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