Album: Deniro Farrar – The Patriarch II


Deniro Farrar

Amongst the crazy album release day of yesterday (Kanye West, Mac Miller, J. Cole and Statik Selektah) Deniro Farrar snuck out the second instalment to The Patriarch. While The Patriarch II cover is less ridiculous (mainly laking a Darth Vader-esque character gracing the cover), the music is still on point. There is some choice production selection as usual, coming from the likes of KIRA, The Kickdrums and Ryan Hemsworth to name a few, as Deniro touches on some intensely dark subject matter. Enjoy.

I am indebted forever to my music family (I do not have “fans”) forever, however this is not geared solely to please others. Music is therapy, and true magic and classic material occurs when artists leave their souls on a track. This is The Patriarch II. Written in some of the darkest and most bleak times in my life, this is my therapy. Facing indescribable personal trials and tribulations, coupled with my family crumbling as I watch my lil bro and biggest supporter face a serious trial and jail sentence, I did the thing I was born to do. Write and express my life. Motivated by yall’s support, that someone wanted to hear what I had to say, this emotional work was conceived. This is the light at the end of the tunnel. The rose born in the concrete. This is The Patriarch II

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