Jack Wilson & Keor Meteor – Enter To Exit


Jack Wilson & Keor Meteor - Enter To Exit

Another project from Keor Meteor and another stellar release. This time featuring Jack Wilson‘s lyrics spread all across Keor‘s smooth instrumentals. With these two at the helm, you can’t really go wrong. Enter To Exit is a perfect example of this. Enjoy.

Paris and New York, obviously two of the most influential cities in the history of culture, come together on Jack Wilson and Keor Meteor’s new EP “Enter to Exit” (May 13 via Parliament of Strix Records).
Originally from Pittsburgh, Jack moved to NYC in April 2012 -around the same time Paris’s Keor had held an online audition via SoundCloud for MCs to feature on a mixtape + subsequent EP.
Jack was one of the artists chosen, so with a fresh selection of beats in a pulsating new city and no TV or internet, he wrote 8/9 of the lyrics to “Enter to Exit” (along with a half dozen poems) during his first two months in NY. Since his studio was still in an extra bedroom in Baltimore, he recorded rough demos through his iPhone to send to Keor and thus began the process.
Following up their first single “We Ain’t Famous”, attached is the second single released 09/05/13 – “I Wish I Knew Emmy Rossum” is a song about being broke and single in New York City, with cuts by DJ Ivan6.

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