EP: Grip Grand – GG DOOM! But How? + Instrumentals


Grip Grand - GG DOOM! But How?

Grip Grand took on an immense task with this EP, taking some of DOOM‘s lesser known a capella’s and mixing it with his own instrumentals and a sprinkle of samples to give it that authentic DOOM feel. Now, while DOOM‘s henchmen have had the original remixtape taken down from Grip Grand‘s bandcamp, they are obviously okay with it, as it is still up for free download via Rappcats and the instrumentals (which is what you can stream below) are back up with Grip Grand. Enjoy.

As a tribute to one of his major influences, Grip Grand went into a studio with a bunch of MF DOOM acapellas and 1.5 tons of vinyl. The result is this EP, which plays like it was produced, if not by DOOM himself, then definitely by a DOOMbot. This is what these songs should have sounded like in the first place, full of melodic, lo-fi loops and intricate audio collage. But they didn’t. So now they do. Enjoy.

Download: Grip Grand – GG DOOM! But How?

One thought on “EP: Grip Grand – GG DOOM! But How? + Instrumentals

  1. Sean

    Hey, I got a new free mixtape coming called DOOM MEETS SKRILLA. It features fresh beats, remixes & blends. Whilst GG DOOM recently did something similar this production is much heartier in that its looking to be around 14 tracks long so MF Doom fans craving more from that escapade might enjoy this. You can check it out here http://www.soundcloud.com/subskrilla/sets/doomskrilla

    I’m hoping for a preview on the site before the mixtapes finished, there’s a selection of finished tracks in that playlist so if there’s a specific one you’d like to use, please hit me up. Much respect on your continued work.

    Sean. (SubSkrilla)

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