Jessa Raskin – They Say // Lose Yourself (Cover)


Jessa Raskin

Today I have some superbly beautiful, emotional acoustic music from the lovely Jessa Raskin. The quality of They Say is self evident, so just hit play and have a read of what Jessa had to say about it. As an added bonus I have added her recent cover of Lose Yourself, yes, Eminem‘s Lose Yourself. Again, completed to perfection. Expect to be seeing more of Jessa Raskin on here, especially as she is at work on a song with our own Michael Suess. Enjoy.

I have hesitated to post this song for almost 2 years. I have recorded it in 3 separate studios with no actual finished song to show. It is among my most personal and therefore most emotionally revealing songs… one which I have sung on stage several times but never released to online scrutiny. I was compelled to record it for the sole reason of entering it into a songwriters competition, and so I have. Now that it’s out there, I may as well embrace it’s vulnerability and truth and share with an open heart my innermost self. Asking the hard questions is what life is all about. So please listen…ponder….look with less judgement and more compassion at those who live differently than you. We are all the same. Human.

If you hate this song, that’s ok, and if you love it, that’s ok too. Music, like art, should instigate introspection and self revelation. So whatever your reaction, let it beg questions within yourself. At a time in our country where I am clearly not the only one asking questions and seeking answers… this may be a well timed sentiment through my form of expression which is song.

Be blessed.

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