Album: HiCLAS! – Invenire |LUX| Vestra. // Find Your Light.


HiCLAS! - Invenire |LUX| Vestra. :: Find Your Light.

HiCLAS! & Analog Division have their newest release with LUX, an album which is explained by HiCLAS! himself below. Enjoy.

LUX is a collection of thoughts, emotions, and ideas that i personally have encountered this year and in my life in general. This project entails the way i see things, things i’ve went through in my life, the struggle to fight with darkness, the change i wish to bring to music and constantly focusing on trying to live a positive life while fighting off negativity and dwelling in the light…in all honesty this is a deeper look into my mind as an artist and a human being, i wanted to open up to my fans, friends, family, etc. and show them a different part of me that they’ve never seen before…with that being said, I present to you all LUX.

invenire lux vestra. // find your light.


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