EP: Pip John – Thomas & I


Pip John‘s lovely new EP is a story about a boy & his relationship with Thomas The Tank Engine. Read the Pip’s own description below for a little more insight into what his latest 5 songs of minimalistic electronic music are about. Enjoy.

Thomas & I is about a teenage boy who, as a child, loved Thomas the Tank Engine. As he gradually transitions from a child into a teenager he does not know if it is ok to like Thomas anymore. This is his journey: from saying ‘Farewell’ to Thomas, to a dream where he can’t seem to avoid the voice of his older brother ‘Petey’ teasing him about liking Thomas, followed by an attempt to shift that love onto something/someone else (Cameron Diaz) in ‘Oh Cam’. Then in a quiet moment he is able to acknowledge what Thomas meant to him as a boy (‘Subtle Magic’). By accepting Thomas back into his life, as a teenager this time, he is able to move on. Even though he does not know what is in store for Thomas or himself in this new life apart, he is able to let go and not worry about it; excited to be in the next chapter of his life, and he might just see Thomas again (‘Welcome’).

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