Mixtape: Shawn Chrystopher – Lovestory


Shawn Chrystopher has released his newest project & just… wow. One listen in & I think I can say that lovestory. will be one of the top releases (in my eyes) of the year. If you haven’t been living under a rock & have instead been listening to Shawn‘s previous releases you should know that  he always delivers quality music but this time he has really stepped it up a notch (if you haven’t, make sure you head over here after downloading this mixtape). This mixtape features production from all of the usual suspect (Cameron WallaceZaire Koalo & Shawn) as well as some from FingazzJQ Lamaj, PM & Wizz Dumb & the album saw executive production from Shawn & Timbaland, who signed Shawn & will also be an executive producer for Shawn‘s debut album, My Name Is Shawn. There are also features from GLC, Dom Kennedy, Kris KasanovaStunnaman & Phil Adé. Go get this free download, you won’t regret it. Enjoy.

i finally finished. this shit is a crazy feeling. i’ve been working on this project for almost a year now so its kind of bittersweet seeing the final version and knowing i can’t tweak anything to it anymore. those days are done.

this entire project started with a conversation. a conversation between me and kevin liles. he told me that as a great artist i can easily make good records without even thinking. but to make great records. to make classic records. i need to stick to my point of view. tell my story. a story that only my voice is made for.

I’ve been guilty of rapping about cars, jewelry, and women i don’t have. who doesn’t. this time around i made a conscious effort not to. i paid attention to each word in every line and asked myself if it was true. you can lie to one person but you can’t lie to a group of people.

enter love story.

these aren’t songs. these aren’t tracks. these are records. a big difference. thank you to everyone who had anything to do with this. thank you to my homies who told me which songs they didn’t like so i could delete them off my hard drive. thank you to her for listening to this project with me a million times until it was perfect. thank you to you for downloading.

now after reading this. go back and listen again.


Download: Shawn Chrystopher – lovestory.

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